xQc says he’s harassed “all the time” on other Twitch channels


Canadian former Overwatch pro Felix ‘xQc‘ Lengyel is one of the most interesting stars on Twitch, with one of the most varied outputs on the platforms alongside a controversial and outspoken history. Recently though, he has addressed the toxicity on the platform, asking fans to avoid harassing other streamers as a way of showing support for him.

xQc made the statement during a stream, where he also complained that the media never covers stories which highlight when he tries to combat toxicity; we’ve got you covered on this one, xQc. “Don’t harass other streamers,” xQc told his viewers, warning them such behaviour would lead to them being banned from his channel, their channel, Discord, Reddit, “wherever”.

xQc claimed that “nobody ever clips or talks about” when he follows through on these bans, when other streamers get praised just for asking fans not to harass with zero follow up. He also claimed the he’s frequently harassed on some of these channels and that nothing ever happens.

He claims that when he goes elsewhere, he sees things like “xc sucks, fuck him,” or posts in the chat calling him “trash garbage.” He also highlighted the way small streamers tend to get berated with harassment if they ever get airtime on bigger channels.

xQc is famed for his loud and enthusiastic playing style, and despite previously playing Overwatch at a pro esports level, typically plays very random and varied games to his followers. With over 3 million of them to his name, he sits just outside the top 20 accounts on Twitch, but if you take out the official Riot Games and Fortnite channels, he’s inside the top 20 streamers.

In his esports days, he represented Canada in the Overwatch World Cup, leading them to the 2017 final, a tournament where he won MVP despite South Korea eventually taking home the trophy. On Twitch meanwhile, he was basically the MVP last month too, as the most watched account for July 2020.

His career on the platform has not been plain sailing though. He’s been hit with 3 minor bans, including for playing a video game about naked Connect 4, and another time for showing a short clip of gorillas mating. Ben ‘DrLupo’ Lupo also recently called xQc (plus Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollan) children after xQc accused other streamers of being paid for so-called charity streams.

DrLupo and xQc made up in the end, but this outspoken and direct nature of xQc’s could well be a contributing factor in the harassment he receives.

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