A Dutch radio station is using clips of Twitch star xQc for its interludes

Turns out the DJ is a Twitch streamer himself

Twitch streamer xQc standing on a balcony

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel may have one of the most distinctive and recognisable voices on Twitch, but even he probably never expected it to be used for interludes and jingles for a radio station thousands of miles away.

A clip from Radio 538 in The Netherlands, which came from a streamer from one of the station’s presenters, Daniel Lippens, shows him playing an interlude in between tracks that features two different soundbites; one of American TV host and political commentator Bill O’Reilly’s famous “We’ll do it live!” moment, and another featuring the unmistakable tones of xQc. The first clip is of the Canadian streamer saying: “I think it’s time to go again, we go again, boys,” followed later by him saying: “Oh, let’s fucking go, hell yeah!”

It appears that xQc hasn’t yet reacted to his cameo on Dutch radio. While it might seem odd that a radio DJ would look to the world of livestreaming for some interlude material, Lippens is also a keen Twitch streamer. His love for Twitch even got him suspended from his radio show in late 2019 after he hit a cyclist while driving and streaming at the same time.

XQc is not the first streamer to have his voice poached without him knowing. In February 2020, Dimitri ‘Greekgodx’ Antonatos discovered that the start of a new track by K-pop group BTS appeared to use a soundbite of him shouting: “Let’s go!”

XQc has consistently been one of Twitch’s most watched streamers over the last year or so, mainly thanks to his energy and exuberance on stream. It appears those same traits are even landing him gigs on commercial radio; even if he doesn’t actually know it yet.