League of Legends streamer Tyler1 thinks that xQc is a “normie”

Tyler1 takes a shot at xQc... Even though he is one of his casters for his community LoL tournament


It’s not unusual for League of Legends streamer Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp to be outspoken about fellow Twitch personalities, and Canadian variety streamer and Overwatch pro Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is the next in line.

During his November 18 livestream, Tyler1 was discussing other successful streamers when he mentioned xQc’s name. Despite xQc being part of the casting talent for Tyler1’s own amateur League of Legends tournament alongside a host of famous faces, Tyler1 then began to lay into him, saying that his success and viewership on Twitch is as a result of bringing “YouTube normies” over to the platform and accusing xQc of being a normie himself.

“Dude, it’s not fair,” Tyler1 begins, “because xQc farms YouTube normies, I’ve come to realise. We’ve talked about this a lot, I know, I’m not recycling content. But he is actually a normie, seriously.” This is also not the first time Tyler1 has fired these accusations at the Canadian after he called him a normie earlier this year, provoking this response.

It is true that xQc uses YouTube heavily as a platform for people to see his content, uploading highlights from his streams multiple times a day. However, it seems harsh to call out a fellow streamer for attracting audiences from different spaces to Twitch.

XQc has been one of 2019’s fastest growing streamers and now has over 1.84 million followers and, at the time of writing, the most subscribers of any streamer on Twitch. Meanwhile Tyler1, who has been one of the platform’s biggest names for some time, boasts over a million followers more than xQc.