LoL streamer Tyler1 doesn’t “give a f**k” about Twitch DMCA notices


With Twitch recently announcing it will delete DMCA violating clips without warning, it’s not a surprise streamers on the platform have started chiming in. One of Twitch’s biggest streamers, Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp has made his thoughts on the current fear around DMCA notices very clear: he really isn’t bothered.

Tyler1 listens to copyrighted music throughout his streams, and whilst chatting to viewers during a break from playing League of Legends, a fan asked him if he is worried about DMCA, to which he responded with no uncertainty: “Plain and simple, I don’t give a fuck.” After a short pause, he then added: “If they are going to DMCA me listening to this horse shit, whatever, just do it.”

Unsurprisingly, due to Twitch’s built-in muting system that can detect copyrighted material, much of the VOD in which Tyler1 spoke his truth about DMCA was muted, even when music was inaudible in the background. Much criticism has come out so far relating to Twitch’s handling of copyrighted content as streamers are not getting the chance to review or file a counter-claim.

You can watch Tyler1’s full DMCA rant below.

In an effort to aid streamers, Twitch released a service called Soundtrack which includes a library of songs to help avoid any music-related disputes. This service is still in beta, but if you wanna give it a go visit the Soundtrack website.

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