Tyler1 stunned by League of Legends teammate’s impressive Thresh hook


It’s fair to say that it’s hard to impress Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp. Heck, the League of Legends streamer couldn’t even congratulate long time friend Dimitri ‘GreekGodx’ Antonatos on signing for TSM without saying that he isn’t even funny anymore.

But during a game of ranked in Tyler1’s ongoing push to reach the top League of Legends ranks as a jungler, the Twitch star was blown away after his teammate – a small LoL streamer named ‘Neeyler’ – hit an insane Death Sentence hook with Thresh.

Tyler1 can be seen gasping as Neeyler somehow predicts where the enemy Cassiopeia is going to flash to, executing a perfect hook to reel her in before dealing her significant damage and leaving his teammates to finish her off for the kill. A stunned Tyler1 sits in silence for a few moments, before saying: “What the fuck?” He even unmutes his team chat to see the hype go down.

After a few more moments of amazed silence, Tyler1 praises Neeyler for his ridiculously well-timed play. “I’ll let him plug,” he says as Neeyler smugly posts his Twitch channel into the game chat. “That was actually… Disgusting. What the fuck was that? Wait, that’s such a hard hook. It’s not like he predicted him to go left… That was honestly impressive, I’ll give him that.”

However, while Neeyler’s hook seemed to have come from being an exceptional reader of the game, the player admitted later on Reddit that it was more good fortune than pure skill.

“For those that are wondering, I thought Cass would move upwards with her movement speed so i predicted that,” he says. “But she ended up going down then flashing into my hook hahah lucky me.”

Even if the Thresh play was just immensely lucky, it’s still a rarity to make Tyler1 speechless, even if just for a moment.

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