Tyler1 gets emotional watching LoL streamer’s reaction to Twitch Rivals draft

Wholesome content alert

When you think of Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp, the first things that come to mind are broken headsets and a whole lot of flaming in League of Legends’ in-game chat. However, when drafting his team for the next Twitch Rivals LoL tournament, he showed his emotional side after seeing the reaction of the streamer he picked to be on his team.

The draft itself was an eventful one, and Tyler1 had to give up his first pick due to having too many Challenger-rank players on his team. With all the confusion circling, no one was really sure who would end up where, and an eventual redraft was called. But once it was all ironed out and Tyler1’s support pick of streamer ‘i0ki’ was locked in, the Twitch star got to enjoy one of the more wholesome moments ever to grace his channel.

Watching a clip of i0ki’s stream, Tyler1 sees the streamer’s pumped up reaction to getting picked. “Yeah baby, we still in this shit, let’s go Tyler!” he shouts. But what happened next got Tyler1 as close to tears as you’ll likely ever see him as i0ki’s mother runs into the room to join the celebrations, embracing her son.

“That is awesome, that is awesome,” says Tyler1 with a beaming smile. “That’s awesome, dude. That’s what you stream for, dude.”

While the draft itself was a bit of a shambles, there was at least this heartwarming moment to save it.

With the teams now settled, Tyler1 and co will step onto the Rift today, January 13, to compete for a prize pot of $75,000.