League of Legends streamer Tyler1 calls someone a “dips**t” for donating $100

No one is safe from getting flamed by Tyler1...


One of the most lucrative aspects of having an audience on platforms like Twitch are the generous donations from viewers to help support their favourite streamer. Most of the time, these donations, no matter how big, get some form of thanks and acknowledgement. But there are always exceptions…

Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp is well-known for flaming his League of Legends opposition – and sometimes even his own teammates – but now not even viewers donating to his stream are safe. During a game, Tyler1 receives a large donation of $100 dollars from an anonymous tipper calling themselves ‘B.’ The message that came with the donation was drawing Tyler1’s attention to another streamer allegedly talking behind his back. Initially, Tyler1 was appreciative of the donation and the tip off.

“This guy just donated one hundred dollars… Why would someone donate damn near anonymously a hundred dollars if they were lying?” Tyler1 says, before calling out the streamer in question by labelling him a “little sneak rat bastard” and saying that he “sucks” at League of Legends. However, despite appreciating the info, he then turned on the donor, questioning their decision to give him the money.

“Thank you so much B for that hundred dollars, you are a goddamn dipshit though. Imagine giving a streamer money,” he says before chuckling to himself. “You have problems in real life. You should get those sorted, then come back to the stream. Thanks, bud.”

It is unusual to see a viewer anonymously give such a large amount to a massive streamer like Tyler1, who would make a decent amount of money from streaming already. With his sub count alone, which at the time of writing is over 9,600, Tyler1 will make over $20,000 a month.

However, it’s also unusual for a streamer to react in that way. Then again, unpredictability (and, of course, flaming) is part of the persona that has made Tyler1 as popular as he is today.