Tyler1 says his League of Legends team is “dog ****”

Things aren't looking good for MONSTER BOSS LEGENDS (of swag)


League of Legends streamer Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp is not exactly brimming with confidence heading into the Twitch Rivals event that kicks off later today, January 21.

The team, which is blessed with a textbook Tyler1 team name of ‘MONSTER BOSS LEGENDS (of swag)’, is comprised of 1adrianaries1, IWillDominate, Simplyhai, Metaphor, and of course Tyler1 himself. Speaking to his viewers following an unsuccessful scrimming session, Tyler1 voiced his frustrations and disappointments in the team he captains, predicting that they will “get swept” at the Twitch Rivals event.

“Fucking dog shit,” Tyler1 says to his viewers as he mutes himself from the rest of the team. “We’re not gonna win a game. I swear to god we won’t win a game. This team is dog shit. We’re gonna get 6-0’d, easily. We might not take a game over ten minutes, I swear to god we’re dog shit. Nobody listens to each other, it’s just terrible. We’re gonna get swept, I swear to god.”

Even with the apparent lack of chemistry and poor results in Tyler1’s team, it still seems strange to see him this pessimistic about his chances considering his previous Twitch Rivals team, Shadow Dogs Unleashed, were the unbeaten champions of the last event.

MONSTER BOSS LEGENDS (of swag) will be facing off against a host of teams captained by famous faces in the League of Legends community, such as Tim ‘Trick2g’ Foley’s Dirt Dogs and Joedat ‘Voyboy’ Esfahani’s Genius Gang.

While it looks as if Tyler1 has his work cut out to retain his Twitch Rivals crown, it will be interesting to see if his team are really as abysmal as he says it is.