Trainwrecks and Mizkif pull $10,000 Pokémon card during Twitch stream

Trainwrecks and Mizkif win big with recent Pokémon card unboxing haul

Pokemon cards Dark Dragonite and Dark Charizard

Pokémon card unboxing videos and streams aren’t anything particularly new, but a select few streamers have successfully re-energised the genre by dramatically upping the stakes in a big way. Seeking out and buying first-edition Pokémon card packs can be risky business – you never know exactly what you’re gonna get – but this added tension is what makes success stories like Tyler ‘Trainwrecks’ Niknam and Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo’s recent haul all the more spectacular.

During a Twitch stream, the pair pulled a frankly silly number of high-price cards, likely totalling tens of thousands of dollars in total and definitely justifying the $20,000 they spent to pick up the first-edition Team Rocket booster box. This incredible haul included a holo Dark Dragonite and a holo Dark Charizard, with the latter being worth around $10,000 alone.

These are some of the rarest (not to mention priciest) cards around, so it’s no surprise that the level of excitement during the stream was off the charts. Even if you’re not especially knowledgeable on Pokémon, the high-risk, high-reward stakes and the dramatic reveal of each card make for undeniably enjoyable viewing.

Plus, you get a nice up-close look at some super rare cards – what’s not to like? Naturally, you can find all of the highlights over on Trainwrecks and Mizkif’s Twitch channels. Oh, and the total haul of cards is estimated to be valued at around $90,000 if they’re in top condition, so the pair’s investment could definitely be worth a lot more than just a fun stream.

While Mizkif and Trainwrecks were clearly stoked by their high-value pull, it is still a long way off the price some are willing to pay for the rarest Pokémon cards in the world.