Tfue set for Twitch and YouTube return

The professional Fortnite player, who is the most followed active streamer on Twitch, has been on hiatus for over two weeks


Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has announced he will begin streaming and adding content to YouTube again, after taking a break from content creation.

The professional Fortnite player last streamed on September 12, before  tweeting that he was going to take a break, claiming: “I have anything I could ask for in life but for some reason I’m not happy lately.” But, in a typically high-octane video posted this morning, Tfue announced he would be returning to the streaming platforms on October 1, with a  video showing him jumping off of a bridge into a river below.

As Tfue’s army of fans haven’t been able to watch their favourite streamer in two long weeks, his comeback stream is likely to be very popular and see some high viewership figures. He has still been scrimming and playing competitively during his hiatus though, and was spotted competing in the Season X Fortnite Champion Series trios tournament with Team Liquid’s Fiber and free agent Khanada.

Tfue’s announcement video has drawn some criticism, though. One of the streamer’s arguments in his dispute with FaZe Clan was that the organisation reportedly pressured him into doing stunts in order to make content. Many see his decision to announce his return by doing backflips off a bridge as somewhat hypocritical.

However, the response was overwhelmingly positive and many are looking forward to his return to Fortnite streaming.