Twitch wishes Shroud good luck on Mixer with a touching montage video

The video highlights some of the streamer's best moments on Twitch


Twitch has officially bid farewell to Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzemiek by sharing a touching montage of his best bits. The video, which follows the ex-pro CS:GO player’s journey through streaming, features some of his best plays, and the moments when he hit 18,000 and 100,000 subscribers respectively.

Shroud moved to Mixer last week, and the platform that helped him grow so big and so quickly couldn’t let him go quietly. The two-minute video, which has been shared by the streamer himself, features insane shots in CS:GO, death-defying clutches in PUBG, Apex Legends squad wipes, and, of course, some of his incredible raids on deserving members of the Twitch family.

And if the video is anything to go by, it looks like Twitch has learned a lot from the way it dealt with the loss of Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins earlier this year. The streaming platform came under fire after his profile page was removed and pornographic content was accidentally shown in its place.

And although the video has generally been well received, Twitch is still coming under fire from people who believe the video is forced or has sarcastic undertones.

Responding to the accusations, Hassan Bokhari, strategic account manager at Twitch, tweeted: “Promise you, it’s not sarcastic. Teams put a lot of time into this over the weekend, it’s really heartfelt as far as a video. Sorry if it came across as sarcastic, wasn’t supposed to be that way.”

Although Shroud’s move is bad for Twitch, it’s good to see the platform giving the streamer the send off he deserves. It also sends a more positive message to other streamers thinking about making the move to Mixer in the future.