Shroud announces his return to Twitch

No more teasers!

One of the world’s biggest streamers, Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek, has announced his return to Twitch almost two months on from the last time he went live.

After putting out short teasers that an announcement was on the way, the full video was posted by Shroud to his social media, along with the caption “I’m coming home” and a link to his Twitch channel, which has laid inactive since his last broadcast on the platform in October 2019.

Shroud decided to leave Twitch for a lucrative streaming deal with rival platform Mixer, only for it to announce it would be shutting down in June this year. Since that announcement, Shroud has not streamed on any platform and has been quiet on social media. The only way fans have been able to get their Shroud fix is through his girlfriend Hannah ‘Bnans’ Kennedy’s livestreams, where he would often team up with her in Valorant.

Soon after Shroud revealed he would be returning to Twitch, the Amazon-owned platform also welcomed him back. It is currently unclear at this early stage whether Shroud has negotiated some form of exclusivity deal or whether, like fellow ex-Mixer star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, he is returning to test the waters off his own back.

Despite not streaming on Twitch for over nine months, Shroud is still the proud owner of the platform’s third most followed channel and will return to just over 7.1 million followers.

Shroud’s first stream on Twitch will be on August 12 at 11:00 PT (14:00 ET/ 19:00 BST).