Shroud rediscovers childhood RuneScape account, realises it’s terrible

Wow, the nostalgia...

Since his return to Twitch, Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek has not only been sticking to type with plenty of FPS and battle royale action, but he’s also been treating fans to plenty of RPG streams too. To be honest, when you rent a private jet to do a World of Warcraft raid, you can’t really be surprised…

After playing some Baldur’s Gate 3 on stream yesterday, Shroud wanted to treat his stream to the ultimate throwback and find one of his first ever accounts on the legendary MMORPG, RuneScape. After trawling through old email accounts – which were crammed with “100,000” unread emails – Shroud finally gains access to the account he used when he was around the age of ten.

Shroud appears incredibly excited about this nostalgia trip, seeing his character for the first time in years. That is until he goes to check out the fruits of his ten-year-old labour in his Bank of Gielinor vault. Despite reaching an impressive combat level of 88, Shroud’s vault was hilariously sparse of resources, weapons, and coins.

“That’s it?” exclaims an astounded Shroud. “That’s all I’m worth? That’s all I managed to achieve at the age of ten? That’s it!”

While most of Shroud’s chat poked fun at his measly inventory, some suggested the streamer goes and obtains the prestigious Veteran Cape, seeing as his account is so old.

While 26-year-old Shroud openly admits that he “genuinely doesn’t know” just how old his childhood account is, he finds himself able to get the 15 year variant of the Veteran Cape. However, due to his embarrassing lack of funds, he needs the generosity of a fellow player to trade him enough coins to buy the Veteran Cape.

While Shroud’s RuneScape throwback was just a flash in the pan for a quick nostalgia hit, the Twitch star seemed impressed with how the famous game had improved since he last played, questioning why anyone would opt for the more recently released Old School RuneScape when the original “looks this great.”

Now may we all join together and collectively press F to pay respects for all of our long-forgotten RuneScape accounts.