Shroud’s Mixer viewership declines by 67% compared to Twitch

Not many Twitch fans were prepared to make the switch.


Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek might have thought moving to Mixer was the best for his career, but new statistics reveal he’s lost 67.83% of his Twitch viewership in the process.

The former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive star moved to the Microsoft owned platform in October, but he’s been struggling to attract the same number of followers, subscribers, and viewers to his stream that he used to on Twitch.

Shroud would have been aware of the risks of the drop in viewership when he moved to Mixer, but new stats from StreamMetrics shows that he’s been a victim to quite a significant drop. And although he’s managed to convince some Twitch fans to move over with him, the vast majority remain loyal to the purple platform.

Before he moved, Shroud recorded 718,000 unique viewers on Twitch for October, but this dropped to 231,000 in November, Shroud’s first month on Mixer. And while these are only the stats for Shroud’s first month on Mixer, a 67.83% decline is hardly something you can ignore.

And although Mixer’s contract was clearly more attractive for Shroud, the report should ring alarm bells for the streaming platform. By buying these big streamers out, Mixer is, ultimately, hoping to poach their audience too. But the report suggests most viewers prefer the convenience of Twitch, with only 15% of people who watched him at some point in October  making the switch permanently. Although the platform did acquire 127,000 unique users form the US in November from Shroud’s streams.

Either way, given that Mixer now has two of the biggest streamers in the world, it doesn’t appear to be reaping the rewards just yet. Given that Shroud has said before that it’s nice that he doesn’t have to worry about his sub count anymore, the news is unlikely to faze the streaming star.