Shroud calls out clout chasers on his return to Twitch

If you can't handle me at my Mixer, you don't deserve me at my Twitch

Michael ‘Shroud‘ Grzesiek has called out clout chasers upon his return to Twitch. It was a stellar return for one of the biggest streamers in the world, netting him a whopping 13,000 new followers in his first homecoming stream, and it appears that everyone is desperate to get a slice of his success.

Shroud’s return to Twitch had been long awaited since the closure of Mixer. He’s the third most followed star on the platform, and had been teasing his return through a series of Valorant gifs on Twitter in the run up to rejoining. While he’s surely glad for the great reception, it’s clear that he feels some of the streamers welcoming him back are just fair weather friends.

Shroud says “it’s a little weird that everybody’s asking me to play, but when I was on that platform that shall not be named, [I] didn’t get much attention”. If you didn’t want me when I was on Mixer, you don’t deserve me on Twitch, or something like that.

Though Shroud didn’t call anybody out by name, it’s not hard to imagine that a lot of streamers just below him on the totem pole would want to cash in not only on Shroud’s massive following, but on the event itself of his return.

Playing Valorant as new agent Killjoy, Shroud says “I’ve been playing this game for how fucking long? Now you wanna play with me? Whatever, dude.”

Basically, if you turned your back on Shroud when he left for Mixer, don’t expect any handouts from him now that he’s on top of Twitch again.

With his future settled, the big story in streaming remains the future of Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins, who also left for Mixer with Shroud. While his departure was less amicable, he has since returned to Twitch for a one off stream, as well as YouTube, with his future yet to be determined.