Rudeism plays Super Monkey Ball using a balance board as a controller


You may know Rudeism from turning himself into a honkable controller for Untitled Goose Game, but the streamer and game designer is back at it again, this time playing Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD with a balance board.

The New Zealander tested out his new creation on stream last night (October 30), and it’s definitely taken its toll on Rudeism. The board is fitted with an accelerator underneath, so the movement of the monkey is completely controlled by Rudeism’s movement. The only button available for him to push is for jump, which is placed underneath the board, and can occasionally be pressed by mistake.

Basically what we’re trying to say is, you need a really strong core to see this game through, and for someone who describes themselves as a “very unfit human being” we’re not sure Rudeism is there just yet. In fact, the streamer failed to get a quick enough time to progress past the first mission several times at the start of the stream.

But the game designer powered on through, working his way through multiple levels during his three hour stream. Rudeism did try to play the game while standing on the balance board to give his core a break, but that didn’t really go to plan either.

Given that Rudeism claimed he was “going to die” at the start of his stream, holding out for three hours isn’t bad at all, especially when your last run of the night looks like this:

Shortly after that, Rudeism took himself off to bed. We don’t blame him to be honest, we’d be exhausted too. He’s certainly found an inventive new way to get fit – just don’t tell Nintendo, or we’ll have another Wii Fit on our hands.

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