Twitch star Pokimane to take a month off from streaming


Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has announced that she will be taking a month long break from her streaming, social media, and general online presence. She cites being “burnt out” recently, mentioning the pandemic and the lack of events said pandemic has caused.

Since graduating from high school six years ago, Pokimane is yet to have an extended break from content, and calls this month a “long overdue” opportunity to take some time away from her career and online expectations. She’s currently the sixth most followed streamer on Twitch with over five million followers, and is one of the platform’s biggest female streamers.

In her statement, Pokimane says the things she enjoyed the most about her career, “visiting my family, travelling, going to conventions, and meeting some of [my followers]” aren’t possible in the current climate, and that she’s not had the opportunity to recharge her batteries while streaming. Though she does acknowledge that she’s been lucky to have continued working without much difficulty during the pandemic, few would begrudge her taking this well earned break.

Pokimane began as a League of Legends cosplayer, and still has LoL in her online handles for both Twitter and Instagram. After making the successful leap to streaming on Twitch, Pokimane dropped her Chemical Engineering degree to stream full time, becoming one of the most popular personalities on there, as well as on other platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

She frequently streams in the Just Chatting category, and tries to connect with her followers more personally than many other streamers. She’s the most popular female streamer in the world, and has often seemed a little bit out of step with the other major forces in the streaming world. In the past, she’s  turned down a huge sponsorship deal worth $3 million, and has also spoken about she feels she “doesn’t fit in” living in Los Angeles.

Pokimane writes in her statement that this break is “what’s best for her mental health,” and will hopefully come back in a month’s time fully recharged and better than ever.

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