Pokimane apologises, says she supports transformative content on YouTube


Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys took to YouTube yesterday for a fifteen minute apology video, in which she addresses various controversies from her career. Pokimane lists the events calmly, telling viewers that she in some cases she needed to “offer her perspective,” while in other cases she had more straight forward apologies for fans.

The first incident was the Twitter spat between her and Daniel ‘Keemstar’ Keem, and the subsequent deletion of a video of these screenshots under Fair Use law. Pokimane now says she was wrong to have leveraged Fair Use in this instance, and had resolved the situation amicably with the original uploader of the video. She also talked about the ‘Streisand effect’ of giving more attention to something by trying to hide it.

She also admitted to threatening to take other videos down in a Discord conversation, but clarified that these were just other users reposting her streams with titles like ‘Pokimane pregnant’, ‘Pokimane twerks’, or other false and inappropriate titles; a decision she stands by.

In the same conversation, said user admits it was all “clickbait”. She also reiterated that she does not censor content, take down “transformative content” even if it criticises her, but that her understanding of copyright and Fair Use was not as developed two years ago when these incidents occurred. She still takes down full stream rips which are not transformative, but defended those actions.

Another incident involved remarks Pokimane made while watching a video by ItsAGundam. The video involved ItsAGundam talking about Tweets by Pokimane which she claims were “jokes” about donating to streamers, but were taken seriously. The video also mocked the appearance of one of Pokimane’s fans, something Pokimane says “felt so unfair to see that happen to an innocent fan who had nothing to do with the situation.”

Pokimane questioned why the video was sponsored, considering the content, but now wants to “sincerely apologise” to both ItsAGundam and the sponsor itself, as she doesn’t want to go after people’s livelihood or see this tactic become commonplace on YouTube.

Next, Pokimane moved onto a section called ‘inappropriate language’, which addressed her use of the n-word; something she has apologised for previously. She claims the Tweet in question came from “around five years ago,” and the video itself from “around seven years ago”. Pokimane says she “never said the word with ill intent, racial context, or the hard-r,” but that she still does not condone her use of it. While she has apologised for this before, she does not feel these apologies were sufficient.

Finally, Pokimane moved onto a more quickfire list of comments, including defending her no makeup streams, discussing the way her looks are frequently negatively commented on, not sharing her personal life, and criticism of her use of reaction videos.

Pokimane had previously taken time off online for the whole of August, citing burnout, but now admits she “shouldn’t have taken any time off prior to addressing or apologising or addressing these things,” also saying she “should have apologised when the incidents first occurred”.