Ninja sends $5,000 to Valorant streamer entangled in Twitch donation scam

AverageJonas had thousands reclaimed by an exploitative Twitch viewer


Whatever your views are on Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, Twitch’s most followed streamer has certainly got pretty good karma thanks to some generous acts of kindness.

His latest involves Valorant streamer Jonas ‘AverageJonas’ Navarsete, who tweeted his frustration at a viewer who managed to reclaim $5,400 in Twitch donations to his channel through PayPal – a considerable loss of income that one would think is confirmed to be safely in their pocket. To add insult to injury, AverageJonas was being billed with refund fees from PayPal totalling $400. The tweet gained plenty of traction and the Norweigan streamer received a lot of solidarity and sympathy from the Twitch community.

However, one of the world’s biggest streamers stepped in to really turn his day around. Ninja left the simple reply of “Fixed” underneath the tweet, and AverageJonas soon confirmed with a screenshot that the full $5,800 had been covered by the Twitch star.

Ninja even sent his donation along with the message: “Sorry about the fuckwad,” in reference to AverageJonas’ exploitative viewer.

Ninja, despite his faults, is no stranger to helping out streamers in tough situations. On the day Mixer revealed it would be shutting down, he and wife Jessica Blevins donated generously to a number of devastated streamers who had formed communities and made a living form streaming on the platform.

He also donated $1,000 to a cash-strapped streamer after he revealed to Ninja he couldn’t afford to buy a new headset during a Valorant match.

AverageJonas is one of Valorant’s top streamers and streams alongside being an opera singer. He was also a pro Overwatch player before moving into streaming, representing Norway in the 2016 Overwatch World Cup.

The issue of donation refunds has rumbled on for years on Twitch. While streamers often state that donations are non-refundable and have measures in place to retain money they’re gifted, PayPal users often find ways round this to claim them back.

As was seen in AverageJonas’ situation, this not only takes away income streamers thought they had, but can also leave them out of pocket through no fault of their own due to fees.