Ninja believes streaming has led to “everyone hating him”

Ninja was not impressed with the amount of hate he used to get from the chat of other streamers on Twitch


To be a big streamer you need to have thick skin and it seems Ninja had to learn that the hard way in the early days of his career. We know Ninja moved to Mixer earlier this year partly due to the level of toxicity he experienced on Twitch, but it seems some of that toxicity came from the chats of other big streamers.

According to Ninja, who was speaking to SypherPK, JordanFisher and Reverse2K on his stream yesterday, the high-profiled streamer has always been hated by a big proportion of the Twitch community, and it’s only now that he’s been able to finally appreciate his chat.

“I love my chat man,” Ninja says. “I think my chat is actually evolving into a real chat. You know what I mean? As opposed to what it was when I first started which was like ‘Ninja play with me, Ninja’, and now it has really evolved and I’m really excited.”

“Listen dude, my entire life has been everyone hating me. From Doc’s chat to Summit’s chat to Shroud’s chat. When I first played with Shroud, I made sure to literally be as little Ninja as possible. Knowing that because he was so much bigger than me. We played PUBG for like six hours straight and just slayed out.

“We were dropping like 15 kills each a game, I was just calling out, and then I pop over to his chat after I clutched up after Shroud died, I killed like five guys, won the game and come over there and everyone’s like ‘I hate Ninja, Ninja’s so bad.’ I’m like ‘what the heck is going on?’

“But hey look at me now? Look at me now dude.”

You can view the moment Ninja talks about the toxicity at 5 hours 28 minutes below:

Ninja has been relatively tight-lipped on his move to Mixer from Twitch, although his wife, Jessica, gave some insight into their decision last week. Citing toxic chat, a restrictive contract, and difficult negotiations as the reason for his move, it’s no surprise really that Ninja doesn’t seem to have much love for the streaming platform that helped him rise to success.