Ninja returns to Twitch for surprise Fortnite stream

Ninja streaming at the Lollapalooza event

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has thrown a complete curveball and is currently livestreaming on Twitch – the platform where he established himself as the world’s most famous streamer.

Ninja is at this very moment live with Ben ‘DrLupo’ Lupo streaming the new Fortnite update that dropped earlier today. This is a surprise move from Ninja, who left the platform initially on bad terms after taking up a multi-million exclusivity deal with Mixer. Since Mixer announced it was shutting down in June, Ninja has sporadically streamed on YouTube Gaming, which was the platform many predicted he would end up streaming on.

Now, he’s back where it all started in a massive twist to this streaming saga. While the initial rush of viewers to his stream has started to fall away, Ninja hit a peak of 96,000. At the start of the stream, DrLupo asked Ninja to explain why he was on Twitch before his chat exploded.

Ninja simply replied that he is “kinda in a thing, but not really, and I’m allowed to see other people,” with DrLupo comparing his situation to a “complicated” relationship. This pretty much confirms that there is no kind of streaming deal signed as of right now.

It appears that Ninja is testing the waters with different platforms to gauge how large a viewership he can rake on in each. This surprise return to Twitch is certainly blowing up his 14 million-follower channel right now.

During the opening moments of the stream, Ninja also asked his viewers how many of them were fans of Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp, after he kept distracting the League of Legends streamer’s solo queue games with huge bit donations.

Ninja admits that he had donated over 80,000 bits over the last few days, and that he would attach the message “winnable” to the donations.

This out of the blue return to Twitch further will cause even more confusion about what is next for Ninja. Fellow marquee Mixer signing Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek has also been hinting at a return to streaming with some cryptic Valorant-themed teasers.