Ninja labels Tfue’s challenge to a fight a “publicity stunt”

Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins

They are two juggernauts in the Fortnite streaming world, but things appear to becoming increasingly hostile between Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney after the latter proposed the pair settle their differences with a fight.

Tfue’s proposal to Ninja comes after a hacker gained access to the Mixer streamer’s Twitter account and tweeted out “Fight me Tfue?” and the hashtag ‘#TfuevsNinja.’ This resulted in Tfue releasing a YouTube video on February 23, which sees him acknowledge that the tweets were clearly not from Ninja but that had motivated him to get some things off his chest about the pair’s ongoing rivalry in the Fortnite and streaming communities.

As well as challenging Ninja to a fight and citing the succes of the boxing matches between KSI and Logan Paul, Tfue also calls Ninja out for “talking shit” behind his back, wanting to “tear him down” after his social media and streaming success, and even attempting to get him permanently banned from Twitch.

“Ever since I started blowing up on social media and blowing up on Twitch, he’s been trying to tear me down [and] he’s been talking shit behind my back,” Tfue claims in his video. “I never mentioned this to anyone before, but he actually did try to get me permanently banned behind my back. He tried to literally ruin my career.”

This prompted an angry reaction from Ninja, who accuses Tfue of pulling a “publicity stunt” and says he has “no interest” in any kind of fight with the most followed active streamer on Twitch.

While it seems certain that Tfue’s proposed bout will never materialise, it  throws more coal on the fire in terms of the pair’s rivalry. The accusations from Tfue that claim Ninja has been trying to hinder his rise on Twitch are quite serious if true, however the lack of proof and the decision to disclose this while the pair are highly relevant and talked makes things less believable.

The two Fortnite streamers are the most followed active streamers on their respective platforms, but it seems even though they are no longer competition to one another on Twitch, the rivalry will continue to escalate.

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