Ninja reports a Fortnite squad for trying to “ruin” his stream

The Mixer man dubbed the team losers for stream sniping him

Ninja streaming from Austria

For many big streamers, stream sniping is a serious problem that can have huge impact on their streams. Streamers will often turn a blind eye to the majority of incidents, but there are cases – such as the one Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins experienced yesterday while playing Fortnite – that ruin the experience for all.

Yesterday, while playing Fortnite with Ali ‘SyperPK’ Hassan, Malachi ‘Reverse2K’ Greiner, and Trevor ‘FaZe Funk’ Siegler, Ninja encountered a full squad of players who sought him out in the lobby and started attacking him with pickaxes. The squad then proceeded to stream snipe Ninja and his team, dropping them one by one.

The experience tilted Ninja so much that he gave the squad a warning on stream before taking all four of their names to report them to the game’s developer, Epic Games. “Bro I can’t, I can’t chat,” he says in the clip which you can watch below courtesy of Daily Clips Central. “These are the kids from the lobby dude, they are such losers man. I can literally get all of you guys for stream sniping – it’s a bannable offence. Why would you risk it?

“All I have to do is report you to Epic right now. I never understand it – it’s not worth it. It’s not even streamer privilege or Ninja privilege, it’s literally a bannable offence. I’m just going to grab their names and report them.”

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The streamer says it’s been a while since he’s had to report an entire squad for such blatant stream sniping despite being sniped “all the time.” Although stream sniping has become a big part of Ninja’s life, this incident clearly rubbed the Mixer man up the wrong way.

“To anyone who thinks we’re being whiny bitches, just imagine you’re at a comedy show and someone in the audience is ruining it all the time – it’s the same thing,” he adds. “We’re trying to put on a show for you guys – we’re trying to eliminate players in squads, land, have some high action shit and these guys come in and are trying to ruin all four of our streams.”