Ninja wants you to know he doesn’t give a f*** about his Mixer viewership

Stop looking at it.

Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins

Fortnite superstar Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins says he doesn’t care about how many viewers are watching him on Mixer anymore because his streams are “ten times better than they were on Twitch.”

Ninja moved to Mixer in August after Twitch “wouldn’t budge” on allowing him more freedom to sign sponsorship deals. Since then, the streamer has become the Microsoft-owned streaming platform’s flagship signing, and has continued to sing Mixer’s praises. Despite the fact Ninja is happy with his contract and his stream schedule though, a number of his fans continue to point out that he’s not drawing in numbers anywhere close to his Twitch viewership, and it appears he’s pretty tired of it.

“Listen, I need you to understand something,” Ninja says to his chat in the video, which you can watch below. “I’m reading a couple of the comments, I can only assume you are talking about my viewers. I don’t think you guys understand how little I give a fuck, ok? How little viewers mean to me right now on Mixer.

“I enjoy what I do, man. And guess what? I get to do it. Without having to worry about my sub count, or playing ads, or ad revenue. I can take vacations, I can take time off, I’ve got my stream days – I’m comfortable.

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“I’m focusing on content now, and if you guys aren’t enjoying the stream then you can leave. But I promise you my streams are ten times better than they were on Twitch.”

Earlier this year, Jessica Blevins told Business Insider that her husband is happier now that he’s escaped the confines of Twitch and its toxic chat. And although a recent report suggests Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek is also suffering a significant drop in viewership on the platform, there’s something in their Mixer contracts that means they don’t have to worry about it.