NICKMERCS says Warzone is so good he feels like a “kid at Christmas”

The Twitch star admits that Call of Duty Warzone is making him think twice about streaming Fortnite

NICKMERCS in a FaZe Champion hoodie

Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff may have risen to fame on Twitch due to the popularity of his Fortnite streams, but the FaZe Clan streamer appears to be considering a swap to a rival battle royale, which he says is “one of the best games” he’s ever played.

When Warzone released last week in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare it blew the lid off of Twitch and put up some insane viewership figures. Despite a few issues like the strength of Loadout Drops and footstep audio, it has also received generally positive reviews from the main streamers who have been playing it, and NICKMERCS is the latest to heap praise on the newest addition to the battle royale genre.

During his March 17 stream, he appeared to be conflicted as to whether he would continue to prioritise Fortnite on the channel. While he doesn’t say it explicitly, NICKMERCS admits to his chat that he is in a “predicament” after finishing up a ten hour Warzone session. “Fortnite, huh?” he says rhetorically, before claiming that he “had a good run” in the last two years.

Later, he claims that he continued to play Fortnite because he was “addicted,” but that Warzone had now cured this – by being even more addictive. He also says he feels like a “little kid at Christmas” playing Warzone and that it’s one of the best games he has ever played.

NICKMERCS -who recently criticised the competitive community in Fortnite for its reaction to console players getting their own prize pools in the Champion Series – is set to compete in Chapter 2 – Season 2’s FNCS alongside Ghost Gaming’s Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad. His new found love for Warzone could mean preparations for playing competitive Fortnite might not be as high a priority now.

Warzone’s success has been huge and has attracted over 30 million hours of content watched on Twitch during the first week of it launching.