Ludwig passes 200,000 Twitch subscribers, closes in on Ninja’s record

Yes, his Subathon is still going...

Twitch streamer Ludwig in a mint green hoodie

Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren’s Subathon has dominated Twitch over the last three weeks. The event – in which a new subscription adds ten seconds to a timer that has failed to hit zero for more than 22 days now – already saw him surpass the 100,000 subscriber barrier. This is something only three Twitch streamers had ever achieved previously.

Now though, he’s just broken yet another enormous barrier, as he racked up sub number 200,000 on April 6. Ludwig’s timer has been getting perilously close to finishing over the past two or three days, but with the Twitch community wanting to drag out Ludwig’s Subathon as long as possible, the subs have kept rolling in.

Ludwig has now crept closer than anyone expected to the monster subscriber record set by one of the world’s biggest streamers, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins. In April 2018, Ninja’s sub count peaked at 269,154 according to Twitch Tracker – a seemingly untouchable record. While it’s unlikely that Ludwig will surpass this number due to his timer being relatively low (and the streamer pledging to end the Subathon after one month if it is still running) it’s remarkable to see someone get this close.

On hitting the 200,000 milestone on stream, Ludwig jests that he is praying for cash-happy YouTuber Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson to roll into his chat and gift the 70,000 subs needed to break Ninja’s record.

While there have been some periods of downtime or brief moments off-camera, Ludwig has been on stream – awake or asleep – for the vast majority of the Subathon, taking his chat with him to eat breakfast, work out, and even shower.

While the former Super Smash Bros. esports caster was already a popular and growing name on Twitch, this Subathon has catapulted him to new heights.