WWE legend The Undertaker threatens Dr DisRespect during Twitch stream

Dr DisRespect

After a week that has his stream was plagued with ‘technical glitches’ and vandalism inside The Arena, it seems as if Guy ‘Dr DisRespect’ Beahm’s culprit has been found after the Twitch star received a harrowing message at the end of his stream from a WWE icon.

As the Doc went to wrap up his February 26 stream in front of the backdrop of his Arena, the usually red scenery was tinged purple as he received a phone call on his famous flip phone. An apprehensive Doc answers the call, only to be greeted by the unmistakable tones of legendary wrestler The Undertaker.

“You’ve trespassed on sacred ground,” says the WWE star. “I have no patience for The Two-Time. WWE is my domain, my yard. Your transgressions will be punished.” He then ends the call using his famous catchphrase. “Dr DisRespect. You will rest – in – peace.” The Doc then runs out of shot and the stream comes to an abrupt end.

The nature of this cameo form The Undertaker on Dr DisRespect’s stream will likely be revealed in today’s broadcast, with the Doc’s stream schedule teasing a ‘special announcement.’

The ‘technical glitches’ The Doc has experienced feature a soundbite of him saying: “I’m looking for someone.” This is in direct reference to his brief appearance on a WWE show in October, where he made a brief appearance and said the exact same line to the show’s hosts.

Some form of WWE collaboration is definitely in the works, but to what extent, we’ll have to wait and see.

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