Dr DisRespect says he’s “losing brain cells” playing solos in Warzone

The Two-Time is clearly not a fan of campers...

Dr DisRespect

Guy ‘Dr DisRespect’ Beahm has had something of a love-hate relationship with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Warzone. While he has often praised the game and has continued to play it almost exclusively on his channel since it launched, there’s been a fair few moments where certain aspects of the game have made him lose his temper.

The latest came in a game of solos during the first day of the Twitch Rivals Warzone tournament, in which The Doc blasted the frustrating “idiot players” that play the mode after being slayed by a virtually invisible camper.

Entering the closing stages of the game, with less than ten players remaining, the Twitch star hops through a window into the shelter of a building after escaping the storm, only to quickly find he’s not alone. He gets lit up by a camper nestled in the corner of the room looking over a pile of loot, sending The Doc to a ninth place finish.

“This game is so fucking stupid,” he says, shaking his head in disbelief. “Solos in Modern Warfare [Warzone] is stupid. It’s stupid, that’s what it is. Fucking guy’s sitting in the corner. Stupid. Boring… I’m losing brain cells playing against these idiot players who can get away with beating me in this fucking game.”

Dr DisRespect goes on to say that the mode is “insulting” to his legacy as an “incredible video game hotshot.” Modest.

Despite Dr DisRespect clearly feeling the effect of all those solos games, his efforts weren’t in vein as his team featuring Warzone Wednesday’s winner Jordan ‘HusKers’ Thomas and Apex Legends pro Sean ‘Vsnz’ Garcia lead the pack after day one of the Twitch Rivals tournament.

Today, March 26, will see the trio work as a squad for kill and placement points and try and keep their place at the top of the leaderboard.