Dr DisRespect suffers a technical hitch while entering The Arena

Dr DisRespect

One of the standout features that has made Guy ‘Dr DisRespect’ Beahm one of Twitch’s biggest stars is the production quality of his streams. Viewers can be transported to a number of locations in the Dr DisRespect universe, such as the Doc’s red Lamborghini, his bunker, and, most importantly, The Arena.

However, after a technical hitch during one of The Two-Time’s usually slick opening skits on his February 3 stream, his viewers got an unforeseen glimpse into what The Arena really looks like.

While transitioning from the driver’s seat of his Lamborghini to the iconic spot in front of The Arena, viewers were greeted with a large block of green in the bottom-right corner where The Doc usually takes up position as his green screen was failing to display the rest of the backdrop. As a stuttering and panicky Dr DisRespect nervously coughs and asks “Production?” repeatedly, the camera then cuts to a shot of his entire green screen set up in his streaming room; G Fuel fridge and all.

On cutting back to The Doc sitting at his PC, he continues to style out the mishap by again shouting “Production?” repeatedly, and lowering himself out of shot in his chair. On coming back into view, he says: “Pause the music, what the hell’s going on around here?”

After a few more minutes of technical confusion, The Doc manages to return to the front of The Arena without any technical difficulties, saying with a slight smirk: “It’s looking real good, ain’t it.”

While the unusual technical mishap may have broken the Champions Club’s immersion for a short while, The Doc still managed to stay in character relatively well.

He’ll be hoping for a smoother intro in his February 4 broadcast, which is a sponsored stream showcasing the all new season of Apex Legends.

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