Dr DisRespect teases his return to streaming

An Instagram Live and a musical masterpiece from The Two-Time suggest a comeback stream is near

Dr DisRespect

He’s been at the centre of one of the streaming world’s biggest mysteries, but Guy ‘Dr DisRespect’ Beahm appears to be teasing his return to streaming after hosting a short Instagram Live and posting a song titled Red Skies.

The streamer was banned from Twitch in June, and nobody knows why – not even him, if you believe what he says. That sentiment has been echoed in the Red Skies track he posted to YouTube and social media, which sees the lines “I don’t even know why I try anymore, I don’t even know why,” repeated throughout. There is also a short verse where he sings: “You can’t replace me, I’m awake, it’s time to break free, I’m levitating,” before returning to the “I don’t even know why” lines. This is all to his signature synthy ’80s vibe, of course.

The silhouetted figure of The Doc can also be seen pulling out his famous flip phone midway through the video. Prior to dropping the Red Skies track, he went live on Instagram in which he played a mock news story, which teased the release of the song.

The news report from “VSM News” – in reference to his ‘violence, speed, momentum’ catchphrase – ends by speculating that The Two-Time could return to streaming as early as today.

“I am now receiving word,” the newsreader, who is clearly voiced by the streamer, says, “Dr DisRespect may return to streaming as soon as today. This is some big big news from the two-time streamer of the year and thankfully here at VSM News our sources are actually legit.”

But where will Dr DisRespect be making this comeback stream if his teasers are to be believed? Well, it appears that YouTube Gaming is the leading candidate.

Around the same time as his Instagram Live, The Doc added the option to join his channel (the equivalent of subscribing on Twitch) for $4.99, which gives people access to emotes.

While he may go live on YouTube at some point today or in the near future, this will not be under the terms of any kind of streaming deal. Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau’s sources claim that neither YouTube or Facebook Gaming haven’t offered him a contract, but he is free to stream on the platforms just like any other person wanting to go live.