Dr DisRespect might be making a map for Rogue Company

The former CoD level designer teased the new project on Twitter

Dr DisRespect

Guy ‘Dr DisRespect’ Beahm might be working on a new map for Rogue Company, according to some back and forth tweets between Doc and the game’s official Twitter. The former Twitch streamer has been constantly trying to generate buzz since being removed from the platform (which he did “nothing to warrant”), remaining an influential figure on the streaming scene.

Dr DisRespect asked if they would let him design a map, saying he would bring “Violence, Speed, and Momentum with the design”. The game’s Twitter then told him if he could prove he had what it takes to design a map in 24 hours, he could have one in the final game. Doc replied quickly “I’m in.”

We’ll have to wait and see exactly what comes of this, but it’s clear that Rogue Company has made Dr DisRespect a big part of their marketing campaign. He’s made several social media posts (including the map request) with the hashtag #RoguePartner, and his much awaited return to streaming saw him playing Rogue Company’s beta.

Well, in truth his return was just a very long tease for his actual return a day later, but the point remains. When Doc knew all eyes would be on him, he pointed those eyes towards Rogue Company. With this apparent map design, he’s done so again.

While it is clearly part of a publicity stunt, it’s not an entirely unfounded one. Rogue Company teased Doc that he “hasn’t designed a level since 1997”, but his last design was actually much more recent, in 2014.  Working on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Dr DisRespect was the level designer for Solar, Horizon, Ascend, Recovery, Sideshow, Site 244, and Quarantine.

Of those, Solar was especially popular in the community, and Rogue Company will be hoping he can produce a similarly applauded map this time around. Of course, the bigger selling point is simply his name itself. While a good map would be a bonus, being able to say a map is ‘the Dr DisRespect map’ is what Rogue Company really wants.

It’s also likely that this has been going on behind the scenes for a while, with the public Twitter exchange a well choreographed dance to drum up publicity for a map design conversation that’s probably much further advanced than this back and forth would make you think.

If the map design does come to fruition, it’ll give Rogue Company a big boost heading into their full release.