Dr DisRespect teases IRL stream with Pewdiepie

The pair collaborated on Fall Guys recently

Dr DisRespect

Guy ‘Dr DisRespect‘ Beahm and Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg, two of the most popular yet controversial names in streaming, teamed up recently for a Fall Guys face off. Judging by some remarks at the end of their video, they might yet be teaming up again.

At the end of the stream, Doc suggested “IRL stream, you and I?”, adding he would take a private jet over to Sweden to team up with PewDiePie to do it live. You can never really take anything Doc says at face value, so whether this was a genuine off the cuff suggestion, tease for an already planned event, or just him messing around remains to be seen.

With Dr DisRespect keen to re-establish himself on YouTube following his Twitch ban though, don’t be surprised if more collaborations come in the future, either with Pewds or with other notable YouTubers. Doc has been hard at work since the platform switch and shows no signs of slowing down.

In the stream itself, Dr DisRespect was playing Fall Guys for the first time, in a first to five games face off with PewDiePie. After Pewds was leading 4-1, Dr DisRespect clawed it back to 4-4, before PewDiePie outlasted him on Hex-A-Gon to take home the crown.

Possibly not understanding the game (or perhaps just being a sore loser), Doc claimed that because he was eliminated before PewDiePie, he actually placed higher than him. Pewds seemed to accept this faulty logic and followed through on the forfeit, which was letting Doc watch his lowest rated video: the infamous ‘1 million dislikes’ video.

With PewDiePie the undisputed king of YouTube and Dr DisRespect keen to re-establish the massive following he enjoyed on Twitch, we could have more joint streams to enjoy (or suffer through, depending on your POV) in the future, including the possibility of an IRL stream live from Sweden.