Baby Assassin gives Dr DisRespect some important life lessons on stream

Dr DisRespect

The entire persona of Twitch star Guy ‘Dr DisRespect’ Beahm hinges on being macho, self-assured, and dominant on whichever gaming battlefield he steps into. That is until a certain guest occasionally drops by his stream to bring him down a peg or two.

During his February 11 livestream, The Two-Time was interrupted by his young daughter – dubbed ‘Baby Assassin’ by The Doc and his viewers – who decided to steal the limelight and give one of Twitch’s biggest streamers a few life lessons about both the environment and his on-stream activities. “You are a bad guy, and you shoot people,” Baby Assassin sternly tells an embarrassed Doc. “And you’re not supposed to do that!”

Trying to defend himself for playing shooters like Apex Legends and Escape from Tarkov, Dr DisRespect says he has to shoot people because the “little kids” in the gaming community are “getting away with it” and he has to teach them a lesson. On asking Baby Assassin what he should do instead if people are shooting at him, she gives him an answer that may be slightly hard to do when The Doc is inside The Arena.

“You should run away, and call the police,” she says, assertively, leaving Dr DisRespect speechless.

She also tries to give him and education on environmental issues, calling him out for “throwing trash on the ground” and telling him to plant “billions of trees.”

Despite most fans tuning in to Dr DisRespect’s streams for his overly-macho character, his viewers were loving the latest cameo from Baby Assassin. Despite his best efforts, it certainly broke The Doc’s masculine illusion before he signed off from the stream.