Dr DisRespect goes live on YouTube Gaming

It's been more than five weeks - but fans will have to wait a little longer to see him on screen

Dr DisRespect

August 6, 2020 Dr DisRespect’s first stream on YouTube Gaming never left the initial waiting screen. His actual comeback stream will be tomorrow, August 7.

After teasing a return to streaming earlier today, one of the world’s biggest streamers, Guy ‘Dr DisRespect’ Beahm, has gone live for the first time since his mysterious Twitch ban with a stream on YouTube Gaming.

Prior to his return stream, The Two-Time teased fans with a fake news report that a comeback stream was imminent on Instagram, before dropping a song titled Red Skies, which featured the line: “I’m awake, it’s time to break free.” This is the first time fans have been able to watch a Dr DisRespect livestream – not counting the Instagram Live, of course – in over five weeks.

The stream has begun with a waiting screen of his iconic Lamborghini Diablo parked at a gas station while some of his iconic songs, background music, and scats played in the background. In between each piece of music, another of the fake news reports heard in his Instagram Live would play, poking fun at everything from this year’s Streamer of the Year nominees at the Esports Awards, to Halo Infinite’s ropey graphics, to Tim ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar using the step on his Jeep.

Close to 350,000 people  crammed in to await The Doc – only for him to tweet an hour after starting the broadcast that his actual comeback stream will be tomorrow.

While fans (and journalists… sigh) may feel somewhat deflated that they’d been staring at a gas station for an hour, it’s just another cog in the hype machine that Dr DisRespect has created to capitalise on his Twitch ban saga.