Dr DisRespect uninstalls Apex Legends in triple threat rage

Dr DisRespect

Twitch superstar Guy ‘Dr DisRespect’ Beahm likes to show off his gaming prowess every now and then by challenging himself to win a number of games during his stream session, but yesterday’s triple threat challenge didn’t exactly go to plan for the two-time.

During his Apex Legends challenge, the Doc dies to a flanking legend, which he claims he couldn’t hear at all in the “shit game.” The incident tilts the Champions Club owner, who then uninstalls the battle royale in a fit of rage.

“Oh yeah, did I hear you? I did not,” the Doc shouts in the clip, which you can watch below. “So, you know what I do because I don’t hear you? I get this shit game off my computer. I’m so sick and tired of people rolling up on me and can’t hear it. This dude just out of nowhere flies, so what we do is get it off. See ya.”

Origin, EA’s game launcher, also comes under fire from the Doc during the process, with the two-time going as far to claim that  “no one wants Origin” because “it’s a piece of shit.”

The Doc clearly isn’t a fan of the game’s new ranked series, despite the game seeing a resurgence on Twitch. Season four added Revenant, a new champion, a new ranking system, and splits, which makes it more competitive than ever.

But now that the Doc’s binned the game, it’s unlikely we’ll see him challenging for the top any time soon.

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