Dr DisRespect’s book has a release date and you can pre-order it today

The book will give out "thoughtful advice" on life apparently

Dr DisRespect

It’s hard to utter Guy ‘Dr DisRespect’ Beahm’s name nowadays without someone asking about why he was banned from Twitch. But in all the drama of the last few weeks, the streaming superstar has been keeping another secret in his big old nest of hair – and that is that his memoir is coming out soon.

The 224-page book, named Violence. Speed. Momentum., is available to preorder now, according to the two-time. The memoir, which is heading to all good bookshops near you on March 31, 2021, will explore “never-before-told-stories” about what’s it’s like to “be the greatest gamer in history.” While you can expect lots of outrageous claims and stories, don’t expect much more than that.

We’ve known for a while that Doc has been furiously writing his best streaming anecdotes down for the book, but this has come at the perfect time for him. Since he was banned from Twitch earlier this summer, the controversial streamer has been trying to build his brand as much as possible – and this certainly plays into that.

As well as giving us a look into the world of one of the biggest streamers, the book, which is reportedly written in the same vein as the Ron Burgundy memoir, will also give out “thoughtful advice on everything from growing superior mullets to thoroughly dominating life.”

All good stuff, but we probably won’t get any tips on Twitch, let alone any real insight as to why he was banned – after all, Dr DisRespect insists he still doesn’t know why he was hit by the ban hammer.