Dr DisRespect teases his own videogame awards show

Dr DisRespect wants to "reward the true creatives in the industry"

Dr DisRespect

With The Golden Joysticks having been and gone and The Game Awards 2020 set to kick off next week, we’re now well into videogame awards season. Next year, it’s looking like we might have yet another ceremony to look forward to and squabble over – one organised by Guy ‘Dr DisRespect’ Beahm.

The controversial streamer took to Twitter to say that he believes the games industry needs “an award show that focuses on things that really matter”, such as “best weapon skin design,” “best menu music,” “funniest clip,” and more. He then goes on to tease his plans for such a show next year that will “reward the true creatives in the industry.”

It didn’t take long for other content creators to put forward their own category suggestions, with Tim ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar pitching a “fastest content creator” award, which he then clarified was meant to read “fattest”.

The Esports Awards also chimed in to offer Doc a dedicated section of its show to run his own awards, including at next year’s ceremony in Arlington. Doc is yet to respond publically to the tweet.

Prior to becoming a full-time streamer, Doc was a map designer for Call of Duty developer Sledgehammer Games, and he still occasionally creates maps on stream. His background as a designer could partially be why he’s now calling for specific award categories that other shows have overlooked.

This year’s Esports Awards ran late last month and crowned League of Legends the Esports Game of the Year. Here’s the full list of Esports Awards 2020 winners if you need a quick refresher.