The best Stray mods on PC

Want to find some of the best Stray mods for PC gaming? Here are our picks for community mods you should really install to enjoy this adorable cat sim even more

Stray Mods Best: Garfield's mod for Stray can be seen

Stray has become a heartwarming and beloved game just a week since its launch and fans have already begun modding it with some of the best Stray mods you can find for PC gaming. But, while some games feature lude, grotesque, or even tweaks that really boost a game’s graphics or performance, most of Stray’s are just, well adorable to look at and see.

Stray has already rocketed up the Steam charts and its launch week on Twitch was incredibly successful. Almost everyone has fallen in love with its world and characters, in fact so much so that a large chunk of mods available actually put players’ own cats into the game.

So, if you want to play as their pets, or just see some other fantastic additions, read on for a list of the best Stray mods on PC that you can curretly downlaod and install.

Best Stray Mods

These are our five choices for the best Stray mods you can find right now:

Stray Mods Best: The Garfield mod can be seen with Garfield on a construction site

Garfield Stray Mod

Of course, the first mention when it comes to Stray mods has to be the Garfield mod, which replaces the game’s protagonist with the lasagna-loving feline.

Dubbed the ‘Cartoon Edition’ everything from Garfield’s unimpressed look to his bright orange tabby cat fur has been replicated in the game and now you can find your family again with all the curiosity that Garfield has ever shown (or lack of it). You can find the mod here.

Stray Mods Best: One of the custom cat skins can be seen, specifically WhenBearsReigns' black and white cat Maro

People’s Own Cats Stray Mods

Ok, we are kind of cheating with this one as it isn’t a particular mod, but rather a set of mods that have been making the rounds on social media.

Players who have bought Stray have started modding in their own cats to allow them to play through the adventure as their adorable pets, which is just the most wholesome thing we have ever seen. You can find the full collection of mods with people’s own cats on the main page here.

Stray Mods Best: The first person mod is shown by the cat looking at a robot up close

First Person Stray Mod

Sure, Stray lets you be a cat, but have you ever wanted to see the world like a cat? Well now with the first-person mod you can do just that.

This first-person mod lets you see the mod entirely from a cat’s point of view which will certainly bring up the immersion, but it might make some puzzles and exploration a bit trickier as your camera darts around from rooftop to rooftop. But, if you do want the extra challenge (and immersion) you can find the mod here.

Stray Mods Best: The happy puppy can be seen on a kitchen side

Happy Puppy Stray Mod

If you aren’t particularly a cat person, the good news is you can now play Stray as a dog with the Happy Puppy mod.

This mod replaces the central cat with well an adorable puppy. Some scenes might look a little strange, especially at the beginning of the game, but once you are past that the game doesn’t actually rely on your need to be a cat too much so this puppy should fit right in. You can download the mod here.

Stray Mods Best: Ethan can be seen yelling Jason!

Jason Stray Mod


Finally, we have the least serious mod on this list, but nonetheless necessary. If purrs and meows aren’t doing it for you then why not replace that with the incessant yelling of Ethan from the famous and often-used meme scene in Heavy Rain. We’d suggest taking this off after a while, but how can you not resist at least giving it a try by downloading the mod here?

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So there you have it, some of our recommendations for the best Stray mods currently available on PC. As new mods are created we will be updating this list with more that particularly catch our eyes. If you are playing through the game and want some assistance along the way, check out our Stray walkthrough which is filled with tips and guides to help you out!