Shroud outlines the one Starfield element that fans are “confused” by

Despite mostly positive critical success, Starfield is becoming divisive and Twitch streamer shroud believes one aspect is it down to one aspect of the RPG.

Shroud twitch starfield gameplay streamcharts

After dethroning ‘Asmongold’ on the Twitch charts, Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek continues to uncover the finer details of Starfield. The popular Escape From Tarkov sensation and former CSGO pro is blasting his way through earning all the best Starfield skills, but while he’s enjoying the ambitious RPG, he believes one element is splitting fans down the middle.

Roaming around one of many Starfield planets, shroud responds to a viewer’s claim that the game feels “empty.” Shroud says in the recent stream “you know what’s weird? I feel the complete opposite. I think the game feels quite full, it’s just repetitive. That’s what I think people are getting confused by.”

Though the game is enriched by all the Starfield factions, the streamer expresses that “there are plenty of POIs and plenty of things to fight and explore, but the game just feels kind of repetitive. I think people are just using the wrong word when they say it feels empty. ”

Shroud believes the game doesn’t reflect this claim, adding “there’s a lot of life, a lot to explore, a lot of different aliens […] there’s less humans than there are aliens, which is kinda lame. But it’s just repetitive, it’s just a repetitive loop.”

The Loadout’s Starfield review-in-progress cites similar criticisms, but our experience so far with the RPG is yielding some incredible spectacle. It is the game’s sheer scope that is enticing to most players, and that can be seen statistically thanks to StreamsCharts, which documents the popularity of Starfield within its launch period.

As aforementioned, shroud emerges at the top of the pack when it comes to views, beating out fellow streamers such as Asmongold, ‘Summit1g’, and ‘CohhCarnage’. StreamCharts’ report details that shroud’s viewership garnered significant traffic, indicating a ” 74.5%” gap between himself and CohhCarnage.

Asmongold in particular has shown mixed feelings toward Starfield, going as far as to call the Bethesda RPG “boring.” However, shroud’s condensed review of the game highlights his “honest” take, which is far more glowing than Asmongold’s.

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