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Starfield’s ambitious Elder Scrolls Xbox mod just got canceled

Starfield Xbox mod Project Tamriel won't be bringing the Elder Scrolls' world to Bethesda's space RPG game anymore due to cancelation.

Starfield Project Tamriel: An image of a warrior in the Elder Scrolls and an astronaut in Starfield.

The possibilities within Starfield right now are incredible, as Starfield Xbox mods open up the game’s limitations. One of the most ambitious mods set for the game was Project Tamriel, an Elder Scrolls focused mod that would all of Tamriel into Starfield’s world. Sadly, the incredibly ambitious mod won’t be coming to fruition.

Bringing Tamriel to Bethesda’s acclaimed space game is a Herculean task, but it was a challenge that Starfield modder ‘New-Star-340’ and a dedicated team were willing to take on. In a new interview with VG247, the modder explains that “after sharing the initial concept with the community, it became clear that the support we were hoping for just wasn’t there.”

This particular Starfield Xbox mod wouldn’t be easy to pull off, but the modder explains that it would have been achieved by creating a brand-new Starfield planet that is populated with “iconic items, detailed maps, and beloved quests.” However, regarding the RPG game mod’s cancelation, the modder expresses that “many fans voiced concerns and indicated that they were not interested in seeing this project come to fruition. In terms of the team, we were a small group of passionate modders excited about the possibilities.”

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It is a shame that this mod won’t see the light of day, as it’d be interesting to see how Tamriel would function in a game geared toward futuristic exploration of the great galactic frontier. Of course, the mod wouldn’t have been released anytime soon, but it isn’t the first time a Bethesda open world game has had a massive expansion created by fans.

There could be hope in the future that Project Tamriel finds new life in the hands of other creative Starfield players. “If another team is interested in picking up where we left off, we would certainly support their efforts. For now, though, my team and I don’t feel it is worth pursuing without the necessary backing and enthusiasm from the community,” says the modder.

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