Shopify CEO offers a StarCraft pro a job because of his esports accomplishments

StarCraft 2

If you want a software engineering internship you don’t need to worry about having years and years of experience and an extensive portfolio, you just need to have thousands of hours in StarCraft II, if Kevin ‘SeleCT’ Ryoo’s recent appointment is anything to go by.

The ex-pro, who’s also known for playing Warcraft 3 and Dota 2, was offered a role at Shopify by the company’s CEO, Tobi Lütke, hours after tweeting he was looking for an internship. The CEO, who’s clearly a big StarCraft II fan, says SeleCT’s galactic accomplishments are enough of a CV to be considered for the job.

The former Terran player, who is enrolled in the University of Washington’s Computer Science programme, has revealed that despite garnering interest and interviews from other companies, Lütke’s offer to work with one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world is by far the most tempting.

In a Reddit post, SeleCT, who believes he is “very lucky” says: “So more than an offer from Shopify, I still have some interviews left and offers from other companies as well, and I am still talking to them. And yea, I might get better offer from others.

“However, at this point I think I have pretty much decided my mind to do interns in Shopify for this upcoming Summer. The main reason for that is because of the company culture, and mentorship. I want to work in a company that has more collaboration and work as a team rather than stuck in a company with smartest people doing their individual work without any communication. I think Tobi is the guy who makes people want to work for him.”

So there you have it, sometimes your accomplishments online can help you get a job in the real world. Just don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.