Twitch stars xQc and Asmongold show off “demonic” Sons Of The Forest

Developer Endnight Games is finally launching Sons Of The Forest and Twitch star xQc is already having a blast with the spooky survival horror game.

Twitch streamer xQc playing Sons of The Forest

Between games such as Stranded Deep and Rust, it can be hard to settle on a new survival horror experience, but Sons Of The Forest is already off to a strong start. The early access sequel from developer Endnight Games has opened the floodgates, and Twitch stars such as Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and ‘Asmongold’ are already sinking time into it. But how are they finding their experience with Sons Of The Forest?

Fans of The Forest can mark the Sons Of The Forest early access date on their calendars, as the promising survival game is proving to be a hit with Twitch alums xQc and Asmongold. Twitch viewers have been tuning in to catch xQc’s antics, only to find him channelling his love for skating – by shredding up the game’s mountains.

While a sledge doesn’t match the fun of a skateboard, xQc claims that the game feels “fucking demonic” as he lets rip on the game’s sprawling mountainsides.

Elsewhere, xQc has been defending himself from a “rock lobbing troll” – a monster we don’t fancy crossing paths with. Sons Of The Forest allows players to craft their own bases, serving as an aid against unique and dastardly foes waiting to strike at any moment. Though Sons Of The Forest companions can help in troubling situations, dipping into Sons Of The Forest multiplayer is a surefire to survive with your best buddies.

However, nothing can save you from your own common sense. For fellow Twitch streamer Asmongold, it seems as if their own curiosity has been their downfall so far as they explore the game.

While xQc continues to rip on the landscapes of the game on his sledge, other Twitch audiences have been heading over to Asmongold’s base-building adventures. And what an adventure he has been having so far. Getting your camp set and thriving is essential, but Asmongold hasn’t had much luck in that regard. “Oh wait, watch this. Wow, that actually worked,” the streamer says after fitting the final piece into place.

It isn’t meant to be, as an unseen troll reduces the base to smithereens, leaving Asmongold speechless. Safe to say his experience with Sons Of The Forest is off to a decidedly mixed start.

Given that this was Asmongold’s first time playing the game, we’re not sure if he’ll be making a quick return. Your Sons Of The Forest journey can get off to a better start though.

Make sure to check out the Sons Of The Forest map size and terrain features, so you can scope out the best areas to set up camp and make the most of your time on the island. For those of you looking for Sons Of The Forest PS5 information, we’ve got you covered there too.