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Sons of the Forest skips Halloween with a new February release date

After radio silence for a few months, Sons of the Forest has been delayed yet again with the game now coming next year and getting a price

Sons of the Forest February 2023 Delay: A man can be seen holding a head up to enemies

Less than two months before it was set to release in October, Sons of the Forest has received yet another delay, with the game now planned for release on February 23, 2023.

In a post on Twitter, the game’s developer ‘Endnight’ said that “due to the scope of our new game Sons Of The Forest, it has been hard to pinpoint an exact release date, and today we have to delay one last time.” This is the second announced delay for the game, but it spent a good amount of time in the shadows without a release date so it has been almost three years of players being left in the dark about when they will be able to play it and three years since the game was announced in 2019.

But to give fans something to cling onto, alongside the new February 23, 2023 Sons of the Forest release date, it was confirmed that the game will cost $29.99. In other regions, it will likely be a similar price when it releases.

It would have been ideal to see the game come out around Halloween to fit the true terrifying survival situations you will be put in while you are playing. But, it’s better to see the studio take the time they need to make the game the best it can be and polish it.

The studio does seem confident in this new date as they showed off some brand new gameplay on Twitter (which revealed new environments), and gave the price for the game. This is more detail than has been revealed with the other two release date announcements. So, if all goes well we should finally be able to get our hands on the game on PC on February 23, 2023.

As for the game hitting other consoles, we still have no word on that but it will likely be after its initial PC release.