Man City star Sergio Aguero has an esports team now

Manchester City striker Sergio Agüero has founded and will be the CEO of his own esports team. This development comes after the footballer took to Twitch during the global pandemic, with his channel reaching just under 2.5 million followers. With the Argentina international expressing such a love for video games, it’s no wonder he’s followed in the tracks of plenty of other footballers and launched his own esports team.

The team is called KRÜ esports and while we don’t have a confirmation as to which games it will field teams in, the announcement tweet featured clips from Rocket League, Rainbow Six: Siege, League of Legends, Street Fighter V, Fortnite, Hearthstone, and Counter-strike: Global Offensive. Some FIFA 21 was also shown, because of course it was.

Agüero’s esports team is not to be confused with the now defunct Team Kru: a North American team who played PUBG up until April 2019, and whose members went on to play for Leggo Your Ego, The Rumblers, Raise Your Edge Gaming, and the also disbanded teams Shook, and Stellar.

Agüero joins the latest wave of active football players to form their own esports teams, like Mesut Ozil’s M10 Esports, Gareth Bale’s Ellevens, and Christian Fuchs’ No Fuchs Given. Former international players Ronaldinho and Ruud Gullit have also created esports teams in recent years.

On the team’s official website, Agüero has a mission statement that roughly translated from Spanish reads, “I want everyone who joins KRÜ to love what they do, to feel comfortable. Boost them and help them fulfil their dreams. What we do gives us the opportunity to make many people happy and I really like all this. I want more people in the world to know it and enjoy it like me.”

The website also has a countdown with just over 29 days to go at the time of writing. When this expires, we can be sure that Agüero and the rest of KRÜ will share more about the games that you can watch the team participate in.