Five Saints Row tips to build a successful criminal empire

Want some Saints Row tips to help build up your empire and bring an end to the Marshall troops, Idols, and Los Panteros. Here are some to help you out:

Saints Row Tips: Eli, Kevin, Neenah, and The Boss can be seen riding a car as the fight the Idols, Marshall, and Los Panteros

Saints Row is a pretty big game with a lot to do, which can mean you are easily distracted or lost and not sure what you should do and when you should do it. But, our Saints Row tips are here to help you through those early hours and point you in the right direction.

These Saints Row (2022) tips will mostly focus on some key things we recommend you should do when you really begin exploring Santo Ileso. They aren’t meant to help you out when you are 20 hours deep, instead helping new players and even veterans get to grips with some of the new systems in the reboot.

Check out our tips below which should help you out as you begin your time in Santo Ileso.

Saints Row tips

Here are our five Saints Row (2022) tips for you before you begin owning each district in Santo Ileso:

Saints Row Tips: Eli can be seen holding a cup and smiling

Focus on the main story for the first five hours

Our first main tip is to play the story missions and pretty much only the story missions for the first five or so hours.

Very little else in the game is lucrative initially and these missions offer the most XP and money so there isn’t much of a reason to tackle Side Hustles or challenges initially. By focusing on story missions you will get yourself into a good position to then tackle some of the side objectives and missions once you beat the Take Me To Church mission.

Buy some of the best weapons

If you haven’t already, head on over to our best weapons guide and by some of the stronger, easy-to-use weapons like the rifle or SMG.

You actually unlock some of these weapons fairly early on so there is no reason not to grab them as soon as you can. A lot of them are also fairly cheap, which means you won’t have to save up.

Complete criminal ventures

Criminal ventures might seem like something you can just place and forget about. But, you should not do that. They offer pretty big payouts for completing them when it comes to XP and money.

Some of the shortest quest chains for these ventures include the ones for Shady Oaks, Chalupacabra, Eurekabator!, and the Laundromat. JR’s garage is a longer one, but it is fairly easy so definitely also complete that one.

Saints Row Tips: The Boss can be seen shooting a number of enemies on a hood of car

Finish threats

As you place criminal ventures, you will uncover threats in each district. These are small and simple combat encounters scattered around the map.

Be sure to complete these as soon as you get them as doing so will reward you with an increase in venture income which works hand-in-hand with the next tip below.

Leave your game on to rack up venture income

If you haven’t seen our guide on how to get Venture Income fast, this tip is for you. If you don’t know already, your businesses and criminal empire will slowly add cash to your app on your phone.

To get easy money, simply leave your game on when you have to do some adulting and let the cash build up in your bank account over time. You will need to be in-game, not in a menu so just go to the Saints HQ and check back in every 30 minutes or an hour to transfer that money into your personal account. Make sure your console settings don’t turn your controller off after a period of time as well, as if your controller turns off it will pause the game!

That covers all of our main Saints Row tips that you should take into account as you jump into the game. If you want more guides and help, check out our Saints Row walkthrough for more help as you play.