Saints Row reboot co-op multiplayer details and overview

Saints Row's co-op multiplayer is back but there are a few quirks as to how it will work. This article has everything you need to know

Players can be seen fighting in the streets of Santo Ileso.

Saints Row’s reboot has multiplayer co-op which has been a staple in the series. Co-op will allow you to experience the world of Santo Ileso with a friend, committing crimes and generally causing mayhem for everyone who lives in the region. Despite being a modern, realistic rebootVolition is keeping some core tenants of the franchise alive, such as the aforementioned Saints Row co-op.

Playing with your friends should allow for some fun experiences and allow you to cause mayhem together. This is especially true with the various weapons and vehicles in the game which have been amped up.

But, enough talking about co-op’s place in Saints Row as a franchise, let’s get into all the Saints Row co-op multiplayer details you need to know and how the co-op campaign works with a friend.

Saints Row Co-op multiplayer

Saints Row has full co-op multiplayer support through a co-op campaign option. The entire campaign is playable in two-player co-op from start to finish, so you can experience the entire thing with a friend.

You can either start a new game in co-op or pick up a save from either your current campaign playthrough or your friend’s. Therefore you can hop in and out of co-op when you like with drop-in/drop-out support and the single-player and multiplayer modes aren’t split apart by two different save files.

In addition to that, Saints Row will support cross-gen co-op, meaning that players in the same console family can play with one another, no matter whether they own a PS4 or PS5, or an Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. You just can’t play across platforms, which is disappointing.

Saints Row Four-Player co-op

The Saints Row reboot does not have four-player multiplayer. Despite a number of games being released with this support since Saints Row 4, the only multiplayer offering in Saints Row is a two-player co-op mode.

You won’t be riding around with your crew committing crimes like in GTA Online here as there are no large-scale multiplayer options either.

Two characters stand in an alley.

That covers Saints Row’s co-op for the reboot. As you can see, it is a pretty fleshed-out suite of features that should keep people playing and allow for a lot of fun with friends. To keep up with more information about the game, read our guide on the list of Saints Row characters, the crossplay support in Saints Row, and a list of all the Saints Row missions.