Are there Saints Row (2022) cheats and cheat codes?

Hoping that 2022's Saints Row game has cheats? Well, this article has some news for you that might not be what you want to hear about Saints Row cheats

Saints Row Cheats: Two characters can be seen in a shop

Are you curious about if Saints Row 5 has cheats and cheat codes? Well, after spending some time with the game we have seen a lot of what is available and have some news for you when it comes to Saints Row cheats.

Cheat codes have been a staple of the series, but with Volition taking a more realistic approach with this reboot, it does seem like cheat codes wouldn’t necessarily have a place in Santo Ileso.

However, the lack of any Saints Row cheats or cheat codes would be surprising for the series. So, to find out if Saints Row has cheats read on below.

Saints Row Cheats and Cheat Codes

Saints Row 5 (or more officially the reboot of the series) does not have cheats or cheat codes in the 2022 reboot, which will come as a surprise to longtime fans of the series.

There are some visual character swaps you can unlock after you have beaten the game for millions of dollars from a shop ‘Everything Is A Million Dollars’, but these swaps are just visual, nothing more. You can run around as a toilet, vending machine, or a pile of money, and more fighting enemies and committing crimes.

But, these swaps do not actually change anything about the gameplay, and the lack of any cheat codes means that some of the more ridiculous aspects of the series aren’t present here.

There is always the possibility that we see cheat codes added post-launch but that isn’t guaranteed.

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