A new charity wants to support gamers with mental health problems


A new charity aimed at tackling mental health problems in the gaming community has launched today, October 10.

Safe In Our World has rolled out its campaign today to coincide with World Mental Health Day. The charity wants to raise awareness of mental health problems among gamers and creators and give support and information to those who need it. Founded by gaming industry veterans Gareth Williams, Leo Zullo and Neil Broadhead, the charity’s first official act will be to release an indie game titled Fractured Minds, created by Emily Mitchell, the 2017 BAFTA Young Games Designer award winner.

Mitchell created the game after finding solace from anxiety when she was just 17, and it depicts her personal journey through her mental health struggles. Launching soon on digital platforms for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Switch, 80% of Fractured Mind’s profits will go towards a fund for Emily’s future as a game developer and Safe In Our World.

Safe In Our World aims to enable conversations by destigmatizing mental health conditions and help gamers, creators and those that work in the industry to come together and support one another.

Chair and trustee of the charity, Leo Zullo, says: “The video games industry creates worlds for a huge number of vulnerable people, and it is our duty to help and support them. We can reach them and share this message if we work together; we can actually make a difference. Safe In Our World is the first step in these efforts, and we’re delighted with the response within the industry and the partners and individuals who are joining this initiative.”

The charity already has a website that provides information and resources for those concerned about their mental health, including how to spot the symptoms of mental illness and where to find help. You can also read stories from people in the games industry about their own experiences with mental health.

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