How long is Rollerdrome to beat?

Are you asking how long is Rollerdrome? Well here the Rollerdrome length and our playtime when it comes to how long it took to beat Rollerdrome

How Long Is Rollerdrome: The skater can be seen jumping over a halfpipe and shooting an enemy

Rollerdrome is a unique blend of genres and games with its roller-skating, shooting action, arcade-like addiction of racking up high scores, and a list of challenges and levels to complete. But, with all of that how long is Rollerdrome and what is the length of the game overall?

Due to the fun of the gameplay and how satisfying pulling off tricks and shots is you can really get as much fun out of it as you like. But, there is a general timeframe that completing the main campaigns will take and similarly completing all the challenges or racking up high scores will only vary for different players due to their skill levels or how tricky they find the controls.

So, if you want an overview of the length of Rollerdrome or are asking questions about “how long is Rollerdrome to beat?” read on for our estimations for how long the game is.

How Long Is Rollerdrome?

Rollerdrome’s length depends wildly based on your skill. However, as a baseline, you are looking at about 3-5 hours for a first playthrough of the main campaign.

However, there is a whole second campaign that is about the same length, called Out For Blood. When these two campaigns are brought together and you factor in going back to complete level challenges and get new high scores, completionists are looking at somewhere between 9-12 hours to do everything typically.

Of course, if you are better at the game, you may breeze through the two campaigns and reach high scores quicker. Similarly, if you spend a lot of time getting to grips with the game and its controls using our Rollerdrome tips, your playtime might be longer than 12 hours. Really, the length of Rollerdrome will be unique to almost everyone who plays.

So, there you have the Rollerdrome length and the answer to how long is Rollerdrome. If you are on the fence, see what we thought about the game in our Rollerdrome review.