Psyonix cancels Rocket League World Championship

The tournament has been called off over concerns regarding the coronavirus

The upcoming Rocket League World Championship, set to take place late April, has been cancelled due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus outbreak.

Announced by Rocket League Esports, the Rocket League Season 9 World Championship will no longer be happening. The event, scheduled for April 24-26, would have seen the best and brightest in Rocket League competitive play gather in Dallas, Texas for a live showdown. However, due to the rising concerns over international travel surrounding COVID-19, Psyonix has thought it best to remove it from the slate altogether.

Refunds are set to begin going out now for anyone who purchased tickets and parking passes through, and Psyonix advises anyone who hasn’t been given their money back by Wednesday, March 11 to contact ETIX support. Ticket-holders who bought from other sellers should contact them directly, and codes will be sent out in April for the in-game wheels attendees were to receive. An alternative method of ending the season is being looked into as of Psyonix’s news post.

Although weekly broadcasts of the Rocket League Championship Series and Rival Series will continue, they will have a slightly altered format. The usual Friday, Saturday, and Sunday shows will happen, but everyone involved will be taking part online rather than in-studio, to lessen the risk of any infection spreading through the team.

As of now, all match-ups leading up to and including the Regional Championships and Promotion Tournament are unaffected.